“If you are looking for a high quality Qual/Rel professional, Greg is the one you are looking for! He helped us at Flusso in achieving smoothly ISO9001 certification, and he is also supporting us with qualification activities for our CMOS MEMS sensors.

And if you want to have good fun, ask him to teach you Welsh”

Andrea de Luca, CEO, Flusso Ltd


“Greg is a well-rounded Quality professional, able to cover Quality Management Systems as well as Cradle-to-grave Product Quality & Reliability Engineering. In my working relationship with Greg I can quote successful Quality systems certifications as well as numerous successful product development projects, including highly innovative automotive grade developments.

Greg’s excellent technical expertise, efficient and effective working style and strong communication skills makes a difference. I can but highly recommend.”

Michael Rogers, Senior Director Quality, ams AG

CADARN-QR provided CGD with exceptional support throughout the process of implementing a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001. Greg worked with members of all departments to develop and implement systems targeted at ensuring high quality, managing risk and achieving continuous improvement. He also set up CGD’s document management system and assisted with training employees.

Greg’s strong background in Quality Management, pragmatic approach and excellent interpersonal and communication skills make him a highly effective resource for CGD. He played a key part in our achieving ISO 9001 certification on plan.

Zahid Ansari, VP Operations, Cambridge GaN Devices Ltd